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Kawaii: Going crazy for cute the Japanese wayDate published: April 23, 2014

[editor note: Article originally posted by Independent on 5/26/13, Events like the J-Pop Summit, Cherry Blossom Festival here in SF Japantown is really expanding on the this type of theme of Japanese culture. Please read ahead and comment on this facet of Japanese culture.] Kawaii, or a love of the adorable, is huge in Japan […]

Sun set to rise again on Japanese innovationDate published: April 23, 2014

Japan has been quietly churning out a string of innovations during its ‘lost decades’ By David McNeill, Irish Times Hollywood directors sometimes connote the future by putting a talking machine in their movies. Tokyo has gone one better. The latest vending machines on the capital’s streets use facial-recognition technology to tailor soft drinks based on age […]

Cherry Blossoms in Japan and Spring Colors Around the WorldDate published: April 16, 2014

This is a guest blog from Cassie Kifer on her trip to Japan (March 21, 2014). Cherry (or, sakura) trees are grown throughout Japan. They start to blossom in the warm, southern islands of the country, and as the season moves north, they peak in late March and early April. Because these scenic vistas and […]

Announcement: sfjapantown.org Website RFQ Q/A is Now ClosedDate published: January 21, 2014

Thanks for everyone’s questions about the RFQ. The RFQ Q/A is now closed. Below are the final RFQ Q/A gathered throughout the Q/A period: 1. On page 4, section 2B of the RFQ, it states that the base website design will have to “work with existing WordPress CMS.”  Will the vendor be expected to implement […]

Announcement: Request For Qualification for SF Japantown Website Now OpenDate published: January 4, 2014

The Japantown Merchants Association, “JMA”, is issuing a Request For Qualification (“RFQ”) and is now seeking quotes for a vendor to provide an base website design (using the existing content management system, “CMS”, framework); website maintenance; and content management for the JMA SF Japantown website “sfjpantown.org”.  There are three sections of the Scope of Work, […]

Traditional Dishes of JapanDate published: December 30, 2013

[Editor: Let’s take a look at some traditional dishes that you can find at the many of Japantown’s fine establishments. Enjoy!] Original Article Starts Here: Traditional Dishes of Japan Once known in the west either in the form of “sukiyaki” or the more exotic “sushi,” Japanese cuisine has in recent years become much more familiar […]

What is Japan Obon?Date published: August 17, 2013

[Editor: If you are used to dealing with Japan, August is the time where most people take their holidays for the Obon season. Obon started in Japan this last week and if have Japanese friends in Japan, they are most likely on vacation] Photo By Chris Daish Original Article Starts Here: Vacation-lovers rejoice! Tis the […]

Japan Has More than Just Square WatermelonsDate published: August 12, 2013

[Editor: Unique gifts are popular in Japan. Check out what they do with the popular summer fruit – the watermelon] Photo By Catherine Original Article Starts Here: There’s a report that wealthy people in Russia are paying over US$800 for Japanese square watermelons. In Russia, that’s supposedly 300 times the price of a regular watermelon. But why […]

What’s in a Japanese Woman’s Big Bag?Date published: August 3, 2013

[Photo Courtesy of Kasuyama Japan] [Editor: Well, I think this is common world-wide but there are cultural nuances there likeOmikuji and Electronic Dictionaries. Check out Japan Center for some cool bags. Check it out!] What’s In A Japanese Woman’s Purse? Let’s Look Inside! Have you ever spent time with a Japanese person of the female persuasion? She […]

Gathering of Joy: A History of Japanese American Obon Festivals and Bon OdoriDate published: July 20, 2013

[Editor: Catch the Buddhist Church of San Francisco’s 75th Bon Odori this weekend as it celebrates its 75th anniversary. Check out the details here. Also, read the story below about Japanese American Obon Festivals] Original Article Starts Here Obon is an annual Japanese Buddhist festival that commemorates the dead. It is based on a Buddhist text which […]

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