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Tasting Tour Uncovers Japantown’s Tempting SecretsDate published: June 5, 2013

[Editor Notes: This article was published over a year ago but like time things change. What you will find on the first floor of New People is now Crown and Crumpets – an english tea cafe. Check out this area for other great food articles from around the IT world] Original Article starts here: By […]

Japan Underground Bicycle Parking SystemsDate published: May 16, 2013

Original Article starts here: By Danny Choo While we do have a load of cars and public transport all over the place – the bicycle is still very much a common way to get around in Japan. So much so that finding a place to park ones two wheeler can be a problem – its […]

World in Pictures: Fountain fun in Japan and Commander Chris Hadfield returns to EarthDate published: May 14, 2013

TODAY’S World in Pictures features photographs of a child playing in front of a fountain at a park in Tokyo and the crew of NASA Expedition 35; Commander Chris Hadfield, Russian Flight Engineer Roman Romanenko, and NASA Flight Engineer Tom Marshburn sit in chairs outside the Soyuz Capsule just minutes after they landed back on […]

CAREGIVERS: Japanese Americans At RiskDate published: May 13, 2013

(Additional Note: We found the following article to be of interest to all Japanese / Japanese Americans. We have several organizations like Kimochi, JCCCNC,Sequoias and Carlisle that can support the various aspects here in the Japantown community.) (Editor’s note: The following article was made possible through the MetLife Foundation Journalists in Aging Fellows program, a collaboration of New America Media […]

Midokura Scores $17.3M Series A To Ramp Up Its Network Virtualization Offering On A Global ScaleDate published: April 1, 2013

By: DARRELL ETHERINGTON | April 01, 2013 Japan’s Midokura, a startup with offices in San Francisco, Tokyo, Lausanne and Barcelona, today announced a $17.3 million Series A funding round, led by Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, along with NTT Group’s DOCOMO Innovations, Inc., and Innovative Ventures Fund Investment, the investment arm of NEC Group. The funding will be used […]

Caroline Kennedy To Be Ambassador To Japan? Talk Grows  Date published: April 1, 2013

By: Mark Memmott | April 01, 2013 1:07 PM Correspondent, The Two Way On Monday, that talk ramped up with reports from CNN, ABC News and The Washington Post’s In the Loop blog that President Obama wants JFK’s daughter to be his envoy in Tokyo. CNN says that Kennedy, 55, is “being vetted for the post.” As The […]

10 Spots for Great Snacks in Japantown, San FranciscoDate published: March 10, 2013

[Editors Note: There are a lot of great places to eat snacks here in Japantown.  the following article by Alissa Merksamer of Serious Eats tells of her experiences here in Japantown. All places mentioned by Ms. Merksamer, with the exception of the Cinema Cafe now Crown and Crumpets, are still relevant] Original story below: Ask […]

Some Interesting Japantown Locations Featured by LA TimesDate published: February 21, 2013

Last December, the travel editor for the Los Angeles Times and her editorial staff traveled to San Francisco on a rainy day for an in-depth visit and gathering of ‘insider’ material for an in-depth story on the City by the Bay. What resulted was a cleverly-written listing of 49 activities, restaurants and stores that may […]

San Francisco-owned garage rates offering better deals than street metersDate published: November 12, 2012

By: Will Reisman | 11/26/12 9:42 PM SF Examiner Staff Writer BETH LABERGE/SPECIAL TO THE S.F. EXAMINER “It turned out that before SFpark, [parking garages] were overpriced and underoccupied. Now that they’re cheaper, motorists should head straight for the garages.” — Donald Shoup, professor of urban planning at UCLA Since The City introduced its nationally recognized SFpark system […]

San Francisco food tour explores the real JapantownDate published: August 31, 2012

Reposted from the SF Examiner  AUGUST 31, 2012 BY: GAYLE KECK Sure, you may have popped over to San Francisco’s Japantown to eat at one of those restaurants with little circling sushi boats. You may even be joining the growing ramen craze. But have you ever explored Japantown’s authentic tastes — the dishes you’ll rarely find anywhere else in the U.S.? I recently was invited […]

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