Buchanan Mall Celebration


A celebration of the Buchanan Street Mall in Japantown between Post and Sutter Streets. Come enjoy a full day of live music, dance, and cultural performance.

When: June 2nd to June 3rd 11am – 5pm on
Where: Buchanan Street between Post & Sutter Streets
What You Will See & Do: 
- Performers include: The Asian American Jazz Quartet: Anthony Brown, Mark Izu, Masaru Koga, Jimi Nakagawa. Na Hoaloha Ukulele Group, and more!
– Free and fun table activities and booths for all ages!
– Limited time offer throughout Buchanan Mall and North side of Post Street: Shop and get a FREE gift as well as a chance to win a raffle prize!!Celebration sponsored by: MOEWD Invest in Neighborhoods, Japantown Task Force Inc., Japantown Community Benefit District, Inc., and Nihomachi Parking Corporation. Raffle donations from businesses in Japantown Buchanan Street Mall and Post Street merchants, and TOTO USA.

Please visit https://www.japantowntaskforce.org/buchanan-street-mall-celebration-june-2nd-3rd/ or contact info@japantowntaskforce.org for more information.

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