Enjoy an Oji California ‘Pop Up’ Washoku Meal

When: July 21, 2019, Seating #1 – 5:00PM, Seating #2 – 8:00PM

Where: The Center, 1840 Sutter Street, Japantown, San Francisco 94115



Enjoy a modern interpretation of an 8-course Washoku meal with an optional 5-course beverage pairing!

We’re excited to welcome back chefs of Oji for another special pop up culinary experience!  We’ll be hosting a curated Washoku pop up restaurant meal as part of a series of pop up events by Oji leading up to their official opening. Washoku translates to “harmony of food” and is sometimes referred to as the “home cooking” of Japan. The philosophy of Washoku focuses on principles emphasizing balance of color, taste, preparations, senses and finally respect to food. Enjoy a modern interpretation of an 8-course Washoku meal at our pop up curated by chefs from Michelin-rated restaurants!  Ticket proceeds from the event will be split with the Center to support our programs and activities. Seating is limited at 25 people per seating, so reserve your spot ASAP!

Pop Up Tasting Menu:

  • misoshiru – tori, summer herbs
  • inari – uni, peas, tendrils
  • Muscadet Sèvre et Maine, France
  • dengaku – walnut, eggplant, poppy
  • takowasa – baby octopus, wasabi, satsuma-imo
  • Sorelle Bronca NV Prosecco, Valdobbliadene, Italy
  • sakana – katsuo, fennel, kinako
  • gyuniku – wagyu, shishito, negi
  • gohan – yuzu, shiso, furikake
  • ***SAKE***
  • dango – pistachio kinako, cherry, bourbon
  • Lustau “Pata de Gallina” Oloroso Sherry, Jerez, Spain

Ticket - JCCCNC OJI Washoku - JULY

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