Sumo Champions Exhibition

When: September 15(Meet & Greet) & 16(Exhibitions & Meet and Greet), 2018

Where: Japantown Peace Plaza

Feel the power and excitement of the 7th Annual Sumo Champions Exhibition matches in the Japantown Peace Plaza.

Day 1

Meet & Greet

Take a photo or selfie with your favorite Sumo.

When: Saturday, September 15th @ 5:00 PM – East Mall
(Outside Union Bank Room)

Day 2

Sumo Exhibitions

Three matches in round-robin style of match play. Seating limited, first-come, first serve.

When: Sunday, September 16th

Sumo Exhibitions @ 12 PM, 2 PM & 4 PM – Peace Plaza
Meet & Greet @ 5:00 PM – East Mall (Outside Union Bank Room)


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