Japan Center Garage Corporation Community Fund Application Guidelines

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Below are the guidelines for application submittal to the Japan center Garage Corporation (“JCGC”) Community Fund.

The City of San Francisco Japan Center Garage Corporation is a non-profit public benefit organization established to provide oversight to the Japan Center Garages.

Purpose of the JCGC Community Fund     

The purpose of the Community Fund is to support programs and activities that will benefit the residents and/or merchants in Japantown and the adjacent Fillmore neighborhoods.

Who Can Apply    

Application for funding is open to organizations that are 501(c)3 non-profit tax-exempt organizations or not for profit organizations, and for projects that meet the Community Fund purpose.

Fund Amount

The maximum amount for each Community Fund application is $5,000.00 and each applicant is limited to submitting one application within a fiscal year (May 1 to April 30.)

How To Apply     

All applicants must complete and submit the Community Fund Application via the button below.   Submission of a hard copy of the Application Form is optional. Please download hard copy application form here.

Review of Funding Application     

The Community & Marketing Committee members of the JCGC Board of Directors will review each application and make a recommendation to the full Board at a regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting.  The review process may take up to four months.

Contact for More Information

Richard Hashimoto, JCGC Corporate Manager at 415-567-4573 or by email to rmhashimoto@aol.com.

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