Announcement: Request For Qualification for SF Japantown Website Now Open

The Japantown Merchants Association, “JMA”, is issuing a Request For Qualification (“RFQ”) and is now seeking quotes for a vendor to provide an base website design (using the existing content management system, “CMS”, framework); website maintenance; and content management for the JMA SF Japantown website “sfjpantown.org”.  There are three sections of the Scope of Work, “SOW”:

Updated Website Design
Website Maintenance
Content Management

The JMA will be collaborating with the Japantown Task Force, Inc. (“JTF”) to administer this RFQ and project manage the web design process until the website is launched. After the website is launched, the JMA will provide administration of the website maintenance and content management contracts.

The question period will be open from January 3, 2014 to January 17, 2014. The JMA will close all bids for quote on January 31, 2014. Selection will be announced no later than February 29, 2014.  The contract for services should be finalized and signed no later than March 15, 2014.

Any questions can be directed to info@japantowntaskforce.org.

Check back frequently as new questions / answers will be posted as they arrive.

The full version of the RFQ is here.
RFQ submission format is here.

Questions Asked (Updated 1/13/14)

1. On page 4, section 2B of the RFQ, it states that the base website design will have to “work with existing WordPress CMS.”  Will the vendor be expected to implement the new designs into the existing CMS or does the JMA simply prefer using WordPress as the CMS platform vs. other CMS platforms?
Our existing site is on the WordPress CMS platform so we prefer to integrate the new branding and logo into the existing framework.
2. On page 4, sections 2C and 2D of the RFQ, the two options (“Mall Map” and “Navigation to Japantown”) that are listed. Are the two options meant to serve as the root concepts for the website designs? Or are the two options simply features that JMA would like to include in the newly designed website?
These are two options or “features” we are considering for inclusion with the redesign. These would be features that would be folded into the total job. I don’t see us separating the work in any way. 
3. Are we required to deliver both options (“Mall Map” and “Navigation to Japantown”) or just one of them?
You do not need to bid on all. Just put “no bid” in that section of the RFQ response.

4. What does “demonstrate a cultural body of work” mean?

We expect each vendor to “demonstrate” or give examples of work in a cultural context. Work doesn’t necessarily have to be exclusively Japanese or Japanese American. Also, the work demonstrated does not necessarily have to be entirely digital but the work should be duly noted. For example, if a vendor gives an example of work, we expect them to identify the source and how it was used either digitally, print or other and the context surrounding the work.

5. Are you tied to just modifying the existing CMS platform?

Modifying the existing WordPress theme is preferred but if a vendor has an alternative proposal, it has to be identified and documented so our selection committee can understand what is being proposed.

6. Regarding the content management section, page 5, section xv.

We intended to say that hours may get inflated during the peak event season and maybe quite low for the off-peak season. We expect it to average 20 hours per month. We expect the vendor to invoice the JMA per hours used. 

7. Can we outsource?

As long as the business is local US based entity that we will have be in contract with , we have no issue with outsourced labor but should be noted in the RFQ that the vendor intends to use outsourced labor. The entity should also have adequate business liability insurance to cover any issues that come up.


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