Cherry Blossoms in Japan and Spring Colors Around the World

This is a guest blog from Cassie Kifer on her trip to Japan (March 21, 2014).

Cherry (or, sakura) trees are grown throughout Japan. They start to blossom in the warm, southern islands of the country, and as the season moves north, they peak in late March and early April. Because these scenic vistas and the associated celebration draws thousands of tourists each year, the Japanese National Tourism Agency maintains a map of the cherry blossom forecast to help you plan your trip.

We arrived in Japan the last week of February, so I thought we would miss this experience. But as it turned out, we were able to catch the beginning of the season!

Spring Colors in Japan
The first cherry blossoms that we spotted were in Atami, on the east coast of Japan’s main island about two hours by train from Tokyo. The seaside resort town is famous for its beaches and hot spring spas, though when we were there we got to experience it under a misty fog of early spring rain. There were a few varieties of cherry blossoms, including this peach-hued tree across from our hotel…

Cherry Blossoms in Japan - Atami

… and a few other shades in a nearby park. The pink bell-shaped variety shown here was my favorite!

Cherry Blossoms in Japan - Atami

Further south, the weather was nicer, but there still weren’t many trees in bloom. One exception was at Kitano-Tenman-gu, a large Shinto shrine on the outskirts of Kyoto. This shrine is lucky for education, so it is filled with students throughout the year wishing for good luck on their exams. But we visited the shrine for the flowers.
The founder of the shrine loved the bright pink blossoms of the flying plum tree, so he planted more than a hundred plum trees in various shades of pink and white.

Cherry blossoms in Japan - Kitano-Tenman-gu shrine in Kyoto

The Japanese plum is one of the earliest trees to bloom in Japan so we caught them right at their peak.

Cherry blossoms in Japan - Kitano-Tenman-gu shrine in Kyoto

I was glad to learn that even though we hadn’t planned our trip to Japan during “cherry blossom season,” we were able to witness some of this beauty for ourselves (and bonus – without the crowds!)

Spring Colors Around the World

Cherry blossoms in Tokyo, by Karen Warren

Over the last few weeks, I’ve enjoyed watching my friends online post images of spring that they’ve seen at home and on their travels. Here are some photos that I really loved:

Shinjuku National Garden,Tokyo – Karen Warren, Worldwide Writer. She shared this and other photos in the post: Springtime in Tokyo’s Shinjuku National Garden
Cherry blossoms in Tokyo, by Karen Warren

Vancouver, British Colombia – Henry Lee, FotoEins Fotopress. He shares this photo in the post: The First Day of Spring in Vancouver

Spring blossoms in Vancouver, by Henry Lee

Nectarine blossoms in Sacramento, California – Jenna Francisco, This is My Happiness

Nectarine Blossoms, by Jenna Francisco

Blossoms at sunset in the Dordogne region of France – Laurence Norah, Finding the Universe. “This shot was taken the other evening… as the sun was setting and the feel of spring was very much in the air.”

Blossoms at sunset, by Laurence Norah

Springtime in London, England – Talon Windwalker, 1 Dad 1 Kid, 1 Crazy Adventure

London in springtime, by Talon Windwalker

Klis, Croatia – Tricia A. Mitchell, Travels with Tricia “In the past weeks we’ve been in Croatia and Italy where spring has come early this year. The attached image was taken from the Klis Fortress above the village of Klis, Croatia. Blooming almond trees and olive groves are visible among the lush green fields.”

Klis, Croatia - by Tricia A. Mitchell

Munich, Germany – Eva Gold, Passports & Pamplemousse

Blossoms in Munich, Germany - By Eva Gold

Magnolia blossoms in Winston-Salem, North Carolina – Rebecca Subbiah, Chow and Chatter

Magnolia Blossoms in North Carolina - By Rebecca Subbiah

Zilker Botanical Gardens in Austin, Texas – Susan Moore, Solo Trips and Tips. This photo was taken in late February – Susan says that in Austin, “we spring early” and that she considers “the blooming of the red buds to be our official start of spring – although we were fooled this year as we returned to below freezing temperatures a few days after I took the photo!”

Zilker Botanical Garden in Austin, by Susan Moore

Parque Quinta de los Molinos, Madrid, Spain – Kate, Viajamos Juntos

Blossoms in Madrid, Spain - Viajamos Juntos

And finally,

In New York City, a very urban take on spring colors! Blake Mandelberg, Style Island. She shares this photo and others in her post: Spring Fling, 5 Things to Summon in the Season

Spring colors in NYC - By Blake Mandelberg

Our trip to Kyoto and Atami was supported by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Opinions and photos are my own.


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