Here are the Highlights to See/Do at this Weekend’s Origami Palooza

Got the Origami Fever? Meet, greet, and learn with masters Jeremy Shafer, John Collins, and Linda Mihara at Origami Palooza & The Great Paper Airplane Contest on Sunday, August 25th, 2019; 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM at the Japan Center East and West Malls and Peace Plaza.

Level Up Your Folding Skills

Jeremy Shafer is a Bay Area origami master and You Tube sensation. From Berkeley, California, he began folding origami when he was ten years old.  He creates incredible works of art that are not only phenomenal to look at, but also interactive; from pop-up cards, flying disks, and exploding doodads to wearable designs, he’s a master of his craft. Jeremy will offer two classes at Origami Palooza (1:00PM & 2:00PM). These free to the public sessions showcase his artistry and skills, while teaching participants the pro tips and tricks so that they, too, can reach master status.

Spaces still available, pre-register here.

Go Fly a Plane

John Collins, the Paper Airplane Guy, Guinness Book of World Records holder, and a You Tube Star will also be in attendance, sharing his skills and knowledge in the art and science of folding paper airplanes. John has devoted himself to designing, folding, and flying the world’s finest paper airplanes, with a record flight of 26 ft – 10 inches.  With his Clinic, participants will learn not only how a paper airplane can possibly be crafted to fly that far, but also have an opportunity to test their knowledge.  With new-found folding and design skills, attendees can enter their flying machines to compete in the Great Paper Airplane Contest. 

Origami Expertise

Artist, origami master and curator of Origami Palooza, Linda Mihara is also a presenter and Judge of the Origami Challenge.  Owner of Japantown’s Paper Tree, Linda’s family was the first to publish a book on the art of Origami in English. See Linda present her Origami in Media talk at 12:00p in Suite 310, Japan Center West Mall. An award winning origamist, Linda received the 2015 Asian Pacific American Heritage Award from former San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee for her work in Origami design and for her contributions to the Asian Pacific American community.  Linda continues to spread her love of origami through her own creations, classes and lectures.

Food Pop-Up

Japantown welcomes Gram USA. Gram was founded in December 2014 by Takeshi Takata in Osaka, Japan and is known for their “flufy and tasty” pancakes. This year Gram opened their first US outlet in San Francisco and they want to share their pancakes with our Japantown community and visitors to Origami Palooza.

The premium soufflé pancakes are Gram’s signature dish. The premium pancakes are fluffy and light which could be a delicate choice for brunch. The process of making the premium pancakes requires extra time and attention to detail, limiting the daily availability to a maximum of 90 orders. The premium pancakes are only offered three times a day starting at 11:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. with a maximum of 30 orders each seating.

Unfold Afterwards

Happy hour at the Hotel Kabuki is always a welcome way to relax. The staff at Hotel Kabuki is helping kick-off the weekend with two specially crafted drinks for Origami Palooza. Starting Saturday, guests and visitors can relax and drink two bar drinks – on the left is called “Origami Dream (Alcohol)” and On the right, “Origami Twist (Non-alcohol)” . Best of the all, the hotel is giving a portion of the proceeds to an Animal Shelter in memory of one of the co-founders of the Origami Palooza – Vicky Mihara Avery. Be sure to pay a visit to the new lobby at Hotel Kabuki.

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