Japan Center Malls’ 2018 Holiday Gift Guide


East and West Japan Center Malls is one of San Francisco’s greatest hidden-in-plain-sight gems. From the numerous Japanese restaurants to the shops filled with goods from Japan, there is something here for everyone. If you are struggling to find the right gift for the loved ones on your list, planning a holiday party, or just curious about what the Japan Center Malls offers, we are here guide you. 

For The Last Minute Holiday Party

DaisoDaiso is your shopping destination for all things festive, fun, and reasonably priced! It’s also known as the Japanese dollar store. You can find all your party needs, including tasty snacks, not to mention fun gifts for your nieces and nephews!














White Elephant

Amiko SurpriseWhether it be for an office party or a fun holiday event with friends or family, Surprise Bags are the way to go! Both Katachi and Amiko Boutique are offering Surprise Bags, sure to delight the recipient!













Stocking Stuffers

mochiInstead of giving a box of chocolates, try something new. Mochi is one of Japan’s most popular desserts, as they come in so many varieties. You can find all types of flavors of mochi at Nippon-Ya.













shoe lacesThese shoelaces from Sakura Sakura are unique and inspired by traditional Japanese textiles. You won’t find similar designs anywhere else! This could be a perfect addition for the fashionista in your life.














incenseThis unique incense from Kohshi is “washi” or paper incense from Japan. A gift to put a calm aroma in a room.













face mask These Marvel and Animal facemasks are a thoughtful and useful gift for the people on your list that work hard and can use a little fun. You can find the facemasks at Candy Baby.














 For the Fandom Folk

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Monopoly is just a sampling of what Japan Video and Media has to offer for the people in your life who love J-pop culture and anime! They have plushies, merch, Blue-Ray and DVD box sets of shows and movies your fandom friends will love!














For That “WOW” Factor

Crystal Jewelry
Did you know Miskei Jewelry is one of the oldest shops in the Japan Center Malls? Established in the ’60s, Miseki Jewlrey has caught the eye of many visitors, and for good reason! Beautiful jewelry, like this Swarovski Crystal necklace and earring set, are sure to bring joy to the recipient. A gift like this could be used on New Years too!







We wish you a wonderful holiday season filled with loved ones and fun memories! When you do make your way to Japan Center Malls, we hope you find all the gifts you need to get for this busy time of year.
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