Meet the Designer of the New Japan Center Garage Logo

Designer of new Japan Center Garage Corporation logo, Lauren Lee with JCGC Claudine Cheng

Designer of new Japan Center Garage Corporation logo, Lauren Lee with JCGC Claudine Cheng (Photo by community photographer)



Please meet Lauren Lee, the designer selected by the Japan Center Garage Corporation, who designed the new branding logo for the Japan Center Garage Corporation. Her design embodied the spirit and the feel of what the Japan Center Garage Corporation wanted in a new refreshed look. We sat down with Lauren and asked a few questions. As you see below, she has great memories and a humbleness about her. Read a little about her below.

Where were you born/ raised?
 San Francisco, California


What is your career plan? I recently graduated from San Jose State University and plan to pursue a career in graphic design. I also hope for more opportunities to share my creations.

Are you working now?: I will soon start a seasonal position working as a digital artist at a custom card company.

What was your interest to the contest and how did you feel when I won? Japantown is a special place to me.  I have so many great memories with my family because we have spent countless weekends at Japantown dining, shopping and attending all the many events. When I learned of the opportunity to create a design for the Japan Center Garages, I jumped on it!  When I found out that I won, I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to share the news with my family. I am humbled and so appreciative that my design was selected.

What was your inspiration for the logo? My inspiration for this logo came from the traditional calligraphy style used in Japan. The red circle represents the rising sun, and the pagoda in the background is a well known symbol of Japantown.

Is there a single designer that inspires you?Honestly, there are a lot of people I went to college with that have heavily inspired me in design. They’ve inspired me in their passion to design that included both their work ethic and art they’ve produced. I can’t really name anyone specifically, I know too many talented designers.

What do you do in your spare time?I like to draw a lot, binge watch tv shows, and hang out with friends while also trying out different milk tea shops.


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