Participate in the Japantown Webster Street Bridge Makeover

Late last month, the Japantown Task Force, made an announcement that they were soliciting the community’s advice on the paint color for the Japantown’s Webster Street bridge. For the last few years, the community has been fighting to keep the bridge despite the Geary BRT¬†original plans to demolish it. In the latest Geary BRT presentation to the community, they have since reversed course.

Now, the 50+ year old bridge needs some badly needed paint and you have two ways you can help.

Option One

Two color options were chosen by community members of Japantown Task Force’s Land Use Committee. As mentioned in their email, the committee “considered various factors including cultural significance, impact on the environment and overall visual impression.”

Here are the final color choices:

Color Mock Ups_06_18_18_A

Color Mock Ups_06_18_18_B

We encourage you to check out the paint samples above and vote below. Deadline is July 12.

Vote of the Webster bridge color

One more thing…

Option Two:

Once the votes are in, we need people to volunteer to help paint the bridge on July 28th. Please sign up now.


We are grateful for your opinion and hope to see you on July 28th!


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