Some Interesting Japantown Locations Featured by LA Times

Last December, the travel editor for the Los Angeles Times and her editorial staff traveled to San Francisco on a rainy day for an in-depth visit and gathering of ‘insider’ material for an in-depth story on the City by the Bay. What resulted was a cleverly-written listing of 49 activities, restaurants and stores that may otherwise be unknown to even seasoned San Francisco Travelers. The story appeared on the second day of the 15th Annual Los Angeles Times Travel Show.

Included in this list was a generous collection of businesses in Japantown. Some well-known and historic favorites such as Benkyodo, Soko Hardware and Paper Tree were included as well as some newer hot spots like YakiniQ Café and Daiso. As one could imagine, the coverage has generated a lot of interest in Japantown and has highlighted some fantastic businesses about which even some San Francisco natives are unaware.

This is the beauty of Japantown:  Subtle magnificence, tucked away in the middle of San Francisco, offering up some of the most culturally relevant and interesting delights. Take a look! You could be the next insider, impressing visitors with your insider’s knowledge.

Read the full LA Times Article here.


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