SF Japantown Announces New Logo & Banners

(JAPANTOWN, SAN FRANCISCO) May 29, 2014 – San Francisco Japantown, one of three remaining Japantowns, is pleased to announce a new logo and banner for its community. A new logo and banners were made possible through the generous funding by the Mayor’s Invest In Neighborhoods program and Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development. It was the perfect timing, as the Japantown Cultural Heritage and Economic Sustainability Strategy (“JCHESS”) was adopted last year, that a new logo and banner that reflects a marketing recommendation in the JCHESS be created. This rebranding effort was coordinated in cooperation with the Japantown Task Force (“JTF”) and the Japantown Merchants Association (“JMA”).

The Request for Qualification process began in late 2013 when graphic designers were invited to come up with a new logo and theme. The final selection followed a series of meetings and eventual selection of the new logo by the JMA members. “It is one that retains the iconic Peace Pagoda that everyone associates with San Francisco’s Japantown along with the Cherry Blossom theme”, stated Richard Hashimoto, President of the JMA.

Hashimoto added, “The design is one that will draw attention to the neighborhood, including the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival which is Japantown’s largest event each year and the biggest Japanese American festivals on the West Coast. It is said to be the second largest in the nation and was voted one of the ten best in the world”, expressed Hashimoto.

According to Robert Hamaguchi, Executive Director of the JTF, “We were able to produce new banners to demark the core business area of San Francisco Japantown thanks to funding from the Mayor’s Invest In Neighborhoods program. The funding include an order for some extra banners to replace any that may get damaged by the wind or some other accident as the new ones will probably need to last for some time.”

“The new look will be one that we envision will endure for some time” Hamaguchi added. The basic design will be reflected on future SF Japantown promotional material. We encourage all businesses and organizations who are or operate within the borders of San Francisco Japantown and are developing new marketing or informational collateral use our new community logo.


The Japantown Merchants Association is a non-private organization based in San Francisco’s Japantown that encourages business traffic within the area and provides a variety of services for business owners. The Japantown Merchants Association is a coalition of more than 90 different businesses and community-based organizations located within Japantown.
The JTF is a 501c3 non-profit corporation focused on the planning, economic development, and preservation of San Francisco Japantown.

Contact Greg Marutani or Greg Viloria at (415) 346-1239 or by email at info@sfjapantown.org.


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